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Special Events


Lots of Fun !

This is an evening of pure indulgence and relaxation!

We start with a long relaxing session of restorative yoga - see below for more info - followed by chocolate and (BYO) wine !

Normally $60,-   December Special because this year is such a special year !   $40 

BYO Wine - Chocolate supplied !


Restorative yoga


These immersive sessions are not running at the moment, but will hopefully be back in the near future.


Relax the brain, restore the body

Give yourself (and/or someone else) the gift of relaxation


Relaxation on a deep level


You will:

  • have an awareness of where you store the stress in your body 

  • learn how to fully relax (without tv or wine !)

  • come away with tools to deal with your stress and anxiety 

  • have awareness how you use your breath and how you can use it to your advantage 

  • learn how to use simple props

  • learn simple postures to incorporate in to your daily schedule, and how to find time to fully relax


This workshop will:

  • slow you down - even if it is just for a few hours

  • increase your flexibility in a way you didn’t think possible

  • quiet your mind

  • create a deep sense of peace

  • aid in recovery for illnesses

  • sooth your nervous system

  • quiet down inflammatory processes in the body

  • boost your immune system

  • start you back on your road to a more balanced life.

  • restore your energy levels


No previous yoga experience necessary

All levels, all ages

Every 1st Friday of the Month

All Classes are held in Emerald, Victoria

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