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Packages are available

Special package deal available until 31 December 2022

Almost every time I go to the supermarket I find something I buy has gone up in price, and I notice myself thinking twice about buying the most basic things.


What I offer in my services is Self Care. Self Care is soooooo important. 

Self care has proven to improve self confidence, increase efficiency, improve your concentration and raise energy levels. It has shown to reduce stress and anxiety, minimise anger and frustration, and lower the risk of illness.


Yet, in times of stress it often is the first thing to go, because other things seem soooo important.


Reminding your body and your mind how it feels to be relaxed, and to teach your body how to relax during stressful situations so you can make more balanced decisions is what you do every time you get on that yoga mat or the massage table, or whatever else you do for Self Care.


Do not confuse Yoga with being flexible. Yoga is about life skills. It’s about how to stay focussed and calm in challenging circumstances; how to keep your mind on the bigger picture and how not get distracted by little things.

So please don’t think you can’t do yoga because you are not flexible. We are all life long students of yoga. Yoga means Union. Yoga teaches us how to get out of our heads and connect to the world around us so we feel less separate from our surroundings even in the darkest hours.


Without you and your health and sanity the people around you also do not function as well as they could. Follow the advice you would give a friend - Look after yourself.

That way you give permission to others to also look after themselves. You give them space to do what is good for them by showing what you do for you.

Never confuse Self Care with selfishness. It is the opposite ! If you feel better you can do more good for others. Anger and frustration do not add to a positive living environment for you, your family and your friends. Feeling relaxed, happy and sending out good vibes does. And all we want is to be happy, don’t we?


Just to make it easier I have made a Package. 


3x 1 hour massage  (or 2x 1.5 hours )

10 x yoga class - Monday evening 7pm, and/or Friday morning 10.30am


$ 425

Worth $525 !

The massage can be relaxation, therapeutic, lymph stimulation, myo-fascial cupping or a healing (which is not necessarily a massage :)

The only catch is it has to be used up before 1 June 2023. No good buying a Self Care package and not using for a whole year !

The yoga classes have to be used in 12 weeks once started.


These can be made out to separate vouchers if you want to share the love :)

but of course the aim is Self Care - so no selfishness here when you keep it all to yourself !d

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