Is Naturopathy for you?

You have the power to control your own life, you just need to take it.

Choosing the path of natural medicine is not always the easiest one.
There are horrible tasting herbs you need to take, and changes you might need to make in your life you don’t really want to. It is also usually a long process. To truly heal your body there are no quick fixes.


But if you are ready to take your power back, than this is for you.


Contact me below to make an appointment.

Naturopathy Services
Naturopathy consultation:  
1st consultation:                     2 hrs        $200
2nd consultation:                   1/2 hr        free
subsequent consultations:    1/2 hr        $50
                                                 3/4 hr       $75
                                                 1 hr         $100

Ear acupuncture (quit smoking)        1/2 hr        $50
 (usually a total of around 5 sessions)
Lymphatic drainage:
- upper body        1 hr        $80
- full body        1 1/2 hr    $100

Esotheric Healing:                 recommended minimum donation of $45
A cancellation fee of $40 will be charged if cancelled less than 24 before hours before the appointment time.

Contact Me

Emerald, Vic 3782


Ph. 0438 097 475

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