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Meditate without a Mountain - 5 week course

Wednesday evening 7.30 - 8.30pm


During this 5 week course you will learn the basics of Still Mind Meditation.


When people think of meditation they often picture someone sitting on a mountain top in all peace and quiet, just blissing out.

Problem is, not many of us have a mountain in the backyard to sit on undisturbed - even though most of us live in the hills!

So how do we meditate without being alone on a mountain to quiet us down?


Real meditation happens all throughout the day. Yes, it is important to take a few moments of quiet during your day to reconnect and let your brain settle and get organised, but the real benefit is the skills you gain for living in real life with jobs, partner, kids, mortgage, physical ailments and all the other distractions.


The sitting down to meditate is your practice.

Using it in real life is your skill.

That is why meditation is a practice: the more you do it the better you get.



Still Mind


Learning Still Mind meditation is essential before learning any other kind of meditation.

In Still Mind Meditation you learn how to become aware of your thoughts and how they influence you. You also learn how to flip the control that your mind can have over your life to YOU being the one in control. This awareness is needed to be able to quiet your mind down.

It is perfect for dealing with what we call ‘Monkey Mind” where your thoughts just seem to bounce from one side to the other. 

Also great to gain some insight into those reoccurring thoughts that can cause a lot of stress. 

And it is the perfect tool to learn to deal with anxiety and depression whether you are on medication or not.


It improves focus, concentration and memory. Meditation even has the potential to heal the brain where there is damage due to excess stress or other factors.


If you gain some control over your mind and learn how to bring it back to focus you can meditate anywhere you like, without any gadgets like apps, music, or even a teacher telling you what to do.






New Moon Meditation


Friday  evening before the New Moon

Good changes are still happening in the world ! 

The confusion and conflict you are feeling inside is the conflict between the Old that is resisting to be let go and the New that wants to come in. 


Releasing what no longer serves you makes room for new and good things to happen in your life.

Allowing the fear for the New to be there and be processed prepares the body to let it in.


Join me in this meditation to let go of the Old and allow the New to come in


If you are experiencing financial hardship at this moment, but would still love to join please Message me and I will see what I can do.

All meditation evenings are held in Emerald, Victoria

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