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The meaning of Mindstream: 

Mindstream comes from the Buddhist term Citta-saṃtāna (Sanskrit)

and is translated as: the moment to moment continuity of awareness.


This is a reminder that whatever we do, the awareness lives on from moment to moment, no matter what our sorrows are. To be aware of that awareness is to live fully in the moment. 

Hi, My name is Lisa Baker. 

Naturopathy and herbal medicine are my passion. Adding the yoga and you get a balanced approach to health.

My aim is to keep the naturopatic consultations as cost effective as possible, so the emphasis is on (small) nutritional changes and life style changes, with herbs and exercises to speed up and enhance the process.

Meditation/ mindfulness exercises and some breathing techniques might also be included.

Supplements are only advised when absolutely necessary.


The goal is to empower you with the knowledge you need to help you with challenges of the body and of life in general.

My Specializations

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Our hectic lifestyle combined with lots of distractions can make us feel lost and disconnected from what we know life should be like: having time to enjoy the sunshine and feeling a real connection with our family, friends and neighbours.

Herbal medicine and yoga are the two main modalities, but nutrition and massage are an important part of therapy, as are life style changes. These combined create a powerful healing environment, allowing you to get back into balance.


Herbs are chosen to facilitate uptake and elimination (detox) processes, and to enhance the functioning of the tissues. They are chosen to suit your body type and temperament.


Our western diet is often not the best for our body and mind.

All bodies are different, and working your way through all the different diets and recommendations is not always easy.

I will help you work out which foods will work best for your body at this moment.


Yoga techniques, breathing exercises and meditation / mindfulness exercises are used to help in the overall flow of energy through the body, which will enhance the effectiveness of the herbs and the changes in the diet.


Sometimes additional treatments and therapies can be useful to help with the overall treatment. Ear-acupuncture, flower remedies, massage and lymphatic drainage​ are additional services, but sometimes can be part of the whole treatment, and will then be incorporated in the consultation.

Together we work out a way to bring you back to balance and health.



My specializations are:


  • Digestive Disorders

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Stress & Tension

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Children's Health

  • Sensory disorders

  • Learning difficulties

  • Nutrition

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Naturopathy Services

Herbal medicine


Herbs are chosen to enhance the ability of the tissues to eliminate, uptake and assimilate. They are chosen in accordance to the clients constitution and temperament.

Usually they are taken as a herbal tea or tincture.

Flower Remedies


Flower remedies are a method of vibrational medicine developed by Dr Edward Bach. 

They are used to help in dealing negative thought patterns replacing them positive ones.




Iridology is used to find the tendencies of how the organs and their areas work. It also gives insight into the overall constitution of the client and is used as an additional diagnostic tool.




Massage is sometimes used in reflex areas  on the back to stimulate blood flow to organs that are underactive and calm the tissues that are overactive.

Ear acupuncture


Ear acupuncture can be used, among other things, to alleviate pain. Sometimes it is used in treatment where weight loss is found necessary to help with cravings. It can also be used to help with the process of quitting smoking and to treat the effects that come with it.


Ear acupuncture can be used a single therapy to help quit smoking.


​Lymphatic drainage:


Lymphatic drainage is a very gentle massage, used to help the lymph flow back to the heart. It is helpful to help relieve fluid retention anywhere in the body.

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What Patients Say

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Lisa’s holistic approach to health care draws on her long experience as a naturopath, yoga teacher, herbalist. She is a genuinely caring person. She is thorough, a good listener, and has intuitive understanding. She has helped me through both good and bad times, with carefully prepared herbal mixtures, dietary suggestions, yoga and meditation, and a huge host of other healing ideas and practices. She has amazing ability to make you feel comfortable, accepted, and less alone with any problem. I’ve always felt that Lisa is a true healer and am grateful for all the good care she has given me.

Marsha Emerman


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"